So maybe you’re wondering:
Who’s this guy with the beard, and what can he do for me?

Well, my name is Kevin Oberhausen, and I’ve dedicated my life to living passionately, with Love, and without limits. That means I make money doing what I love to do, I make a positive impact on those around me, and I’m married to the most amazing woman of all time. I live a really f*cking happy life, and I help others to do the same. 


I don’t believe in judgment, and I’ve tossed out most traditional ideas of how you’re supposed to live. I believe everyone stands shoulder to shoulder, and has the capacity to live an extraordinary life. (If you’re the type to judge someone based on the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, or where they’re from, this is not the place for you — unless you’re here to change that.)


I help people grow more in 6 months or a weekend than they have in 10 years.

I’ve helped people turn expired, tired relationships into loving partnerships, and get out of crappy she’s/he’s not into you relationship cycles (and all of the other sh*tty relationship cycles) into an exciting, loving, mutual-attraction romance. I’ve helped people believe in themselves, and believe in themselves permanently.


Really Fucking Happy Clients & Students So Far In 2017



I’ve helped people launch their business, grow their business, and become 10x more productive than they were before. I help people get out of stress and overwhelm. A lot of times, it’s the same person achieving all of these things. Working with me, it’s easy to do. It all comes down to one thing:

Your life today is a result of your internal patterns.


I help you change those patterns into ones that don’t lead to crappy relationships or weird dating scenarios (you know, the ones where you’re not sure what you are because you don’t have a title, but you feel like you’re together because you’re always texting and staying at each other’s apartments, but you’re too afraid to ask out of fear that you’ll come off clingy or they’ll run away? Yeah, let’s get rid of that. Always find people that are just like your parents? Let’s change that, too.) I help you ditch that voice of “Who do you think you are?”, the critisicm and negative self-talk. I help you change the patterns keeping you from making fantastic money doing what you love.

I help you replace those with patterns that build unstoppable confidence and self-esteem, patterns that unlock your potential, patterns that turn your business or side-hustle (or the one you wish you had) into a money-making hoorah (finally!) Patterns that help you achieve and succeed more than you ever thought was possible.


My time with Kevin far exceeded my expectations, and I truly believe that anyone could benefit from the type of powerful inner-work Kevin guides you to do. Carolyn S.


See, the only thing standing between you and a life of exhilaration, a life of fulfillment, is you. It’s not to say that you’re doing anything wrong… Just kind of driving with the handbrake on.

I help you release the breaks. I help you get out of your own way.

And I’m really good at it.

My clients make more money, they have outstanding relationships, and they don’t have bad days (I’m not kidding.) They’re outstandingly creative, they find solutions easily, and they’re really. fucking. happy.

They don’t take any shit, they don’t censor themselves, and they fuckin’ go for it.



And I absolutely love working with them.


Want some of what they’re having?

Pick where you’d like to start:

Release the negative memories affecting your relationships, health, & wealth.

Fast-track your life with 1-on-1 coaching.

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The best conversations with someone new are filled with “me too!” moments.

Connecting over values, beliefs, quirks, and interests are the ingredients for an awesome time when meeting someone new, so here’s a list of things we might connect over meeting for the first time in a workshop, at the yoga studio, or a party. 

1) Everyone is meant for a life of joy.


2) Your past, a degree, tattoos, piercings, gender, or skin tone don’t determine your value as an employee, employer, or a human being. 

Fun fact — all of our skin tones fall in the range of orange on a color wheel. That’s why movies are often colorized using an orange/teal theme. It adds more contrast by using contrasting colors, and since all skin tones fall in the range of orange they use orange/teal for contrast because it also makes the subjects (people) pop. So, yes, there really is one race — the orange race!

3) Everyone and everything is Spiritual.

You don’t have to do yoga, be vegan, or not smoke. Nothing can make you more or less spiritual or of a spiritual nature or being. You are Divine, perfect, whole, complete, and a Master right. fucking. now. Nothing you do can make you more or less of that. Your are spiritual AF no matter what. Don’t let anyone else or your ego tell you otherwise.

4) We all stand shoulder to shoulder.

As perfect, Divine, beings. We are Love without conditions. The last two bullet points are saying the same thing.

5) I love sunsets and taking sunset photos. 

6) I love everything creative, especially photography, videography, and music.

7) Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to experience, whatever you want to receive, following your heart gets you there fastest.

I believe “follow your heart” is at the heart of everything in life. Love is the answer. Saying that may be cliche but it’s so fucking true. The guidance of the heart is your ultimate tool for navigation. Every goal is most easily realized by aligning with it.

8) Self-awareness is key.

Sometimes confuse messages from the ego as something from the heart. Like those cute comics with the heart and the brain wanting different things, the heart making things more difficult. I promise you that’s never the case. Self-awareness is more than being aware of your habits, tones, and thoughts — it’s the awareness of self, your true self. As that awareness is built, you learn your heart is always offering you the most sound and empowering guidance. The magic on the road following that guidance is jaw-dropping, tear-inducing, and often results in immense gratitude and awareness of the grandness of existence.

You can start with steps to get clear on what is you and what is your ego.

9) I believe in angels.

10) I believe in Love.

11) I play chess. Like a lot of chess.

If you play, find me on (username: Know-One) and let’s play a game.

12) I eat a vegan diet. 

Could talk about this for days.

13) You have to take 100% responsibility for you life in order to unlock your life’s full potential.

Picture your dream life. The first step to get there from here is to take 100% responsibility for your life. It’s as easy as you’ll let it be. Sometimes people stop themselves from doing it because they don’t think they could possibly be so powerful and so creative that they literally are creating everything in their life. From your body, your relationships, your career, finances, all of it — you certainly are. The sooner you accept it the sooner you can change it. Self-mastery and Love Without Conditions are your ultimate means to freedom.

14) I believe in reincarnation. 

15) I believe that we’re all one.

16) Duality and judgement are an illusion.

17) No one is a victim.

18) We pick our parents.

19) We pick our bodies.

The body you chose is the perfect body for you to do and express what you came here to do and express this lifetime. Start loving it and you’ll find

20) I think there’s life on other planets.

21) There’s no such thing as evil.

Sometimes people get distracted by their fear and pain.

22) Love is the answer.

‘Nuff said but we’ll probably talk about it plenty.

23) You are in the perfect place to start your journey towards what you want.

You have more available to you than you think.

24) You can transform your life today. You have all the means you need to do it. 


The things that make the biggest difference aren’t really taught in schools.


Self-awareness, self-love, self-empowerment, mindest, etc. — these aren’t buzzwords but the keys to a life that’s fully lived.


They aren’t something you buy, they aren’t something you aquire outside of yourself. It’s a result of self-mastery and internal decision making. And you have every capacity needed for it already.


I help you discover it, engage with it, and use it to live the that a part of you deep down has always known is possible.


I help free-thinkers, creatives, rogues, & renegades who believe in non-judgment, love, and freedom from fear experience their best lives and their best selves. People who believe that dreams are meant to be achieved. That they can follow their dreams and make it.That they don’t have to settle for the “safe” route, full of unfulfilling desk jobs and piles of student debt.


I help them unlock their love lives and have the romance and relationship they’ve always hoped for.


And I help them do it faster than anyone thought possible.


I do this in two ways:


1) Free content — meditations, podcasts, videos, and free courses (these are being updated and will be back soon.)


2) Paid content — online and in-person workshops, live meditations, 1-on-1 coaching, and weekend-long transformational intensives.


Also, the other thing about the best conversations I’ve had when meeting new people is there was a real back and forth. Find me on instagram and let’s connect!

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Law Of Attraction workbook

Achieve Anything

3 steps to getting whatever results you want using the Law of Attraction. Create better relationships, get unstuck, and make the money you deserve.

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