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Hello, I’m Kevin Oberhausen — joy enthusiast, mindset activist, and your biggest fan.

I grew up in Chicago, in a not-so-good neighborhood, with a panicky mother and a not-around father. I didn’t quite fit in at the public school I went to from kindergarten ’til 8th grade. It was a bit “hood”, and I was a white kid who you could just tell was a momma’s boy. Then, I really didn’t fit in to the private high school that followed (really didn’t fit in = asked to leave.)

It wasn’t because I was weird, or a bad kid. But that high school bred you to stay in line, be like everyone else, tuck in your shirt, be an accountant.


And, well… That’s just not my style.

(Nothing against accountants; I really like mine.)

Since I was 15, I’ve been shouting it from the digital rooftop: DO. WHAT. YOU. WANT.

Fuck the dress code, fuck the 9 – 5, and fuck whatever else that doesn’t make you happy.

Funny thing is, while that attitude got me kicked out of my first high school, it’s supported me in building a business helping others live a happy life.  

And I mean REALLY happy.

Not the complacent, “My job isn’t TOTALLY miserable, I make decent money, and I’m not depressed” perpetually-single-secretly-wish-you-could-quit-only-happy-when-distracted-doing-something-or-out-with-friends happy.

Stop lying to yourself. I mean REALLY. fucking. happy.

And so that’s what I do, and that’s why this website is here: I help people live really fucking happy lives.


Really Fucking Happy Clients & Students So Far In 2017


Your life today is a result of your internal patterns.

I help you change those patterns into ones that don’t lead to crappy relationships or weird dating scenarios (you know, the ones where you’re not sure what you are because you don’t have a title, but you feel like you’re together because you’re always texting and staying at each other’s apartments, but you’re too afraid to ask out of fear that you’ll come off clingy or they’ll run away? Yeah, let’s get rid of that.) I help you ditch that voice of “Who do you think you are?” I help you change the patterns keeping you from making fantastic money doing what you love.

I help you replace that with patterns that build unstoppable confidence and self-esteem, patterns that unlock your potential, patterns that turn your business or side-hustle (or the one you wish you had) into a money-making hoorah (finally!) Patterns that help you achieve and succeed more than you ever thought was possible.

My time with Kevin far exceeded my expectations, and I truly believe that anyone could benefit from the type of powerful inner-work Kevin guides you to do.

Carolyn S.

See, the only thing standing between you and a life of exhilaration, a life of fulfillment, is you. It’s not to say that you’re doing anything wrong… Just kind of driving with the handbrake on.  

I help you release the breaks. I help you get out of your own way. 

And I’m really good at it.

My clients make more money, they have outstanding relationships, and they don’t have bad days (I’m not kidding.) They’re outstandingly creative, they find solutions easily, and they’re really. fucking. happy.

They don’t take any shit, they don’t censor themselves, and they fuckin’ go for it.


And I absolutely love working with them.

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Law Of Attraction workbook

Achieve Anything

3 steps to getting whatever results you want using the Law of Attraction. Create better relationships, get unstuck, and make the money you deserve.

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