How To Get More From Your Vision Board

Mar 14, 2017 | Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Lifestyle Design

I’ve seen it before.  Vision boards all across the world (well, Chicago) full of pictures representing the dreams and goals of the maker, paper dry and edges starting to curl. You can tell just by looking at it that no one’s been looking at it.  Five, ten, twenty goals about as valuable as last year’s New Year’s resolutions.

An untapped resource for changing your life.

A vision board is more than pictures from Pinterest put together to look at.

A vision board is a tool to keep you focused on your goals.  And it helps you into alignment with those goals, allowing the Law of Attraction to do its thing.

WTF does “in alignment with your goal” mean?

A quick low-down on the good ol’ Law of Attraction: Like (vibration) attracts like (vibration.) This doesn’t just mean attracting your end-goal, this means cultivating the action that gets you there.

The vibration comes first.  From the vibration comes the action.

So the vibration both attracts the goal and calls forth the actions necessary to get you there.

i.e. When you feel confident, you act confident.  You don’t act confident and then feel confident.

So your vision board is a tool that helps you to move into alignment with your goal vibrationally, cultivating the vibration that matches the outcome, and calls forth the action needed to get there.

If you use it that way.

How are you using your vision board?  Here are 3 quick tips to get the most from it.

1 — Put It Where You’ll Look At It

This one might seem “duh”-esque, but most vision boards I’ve seen get about as much attention as the headlines on a Streetwise magazine. How can your vision board help keep you focused on your goals if you never look at the thing? Put it in a place that gets your attention. If you’re walking past it 50 times a day without taking any notice of what’s on there, you may as well have left those photos on the internet.

2 — Make The Imagery Personal

Whether it’s a car, a getaway, or a huge goal, find a way to make the imagery personal.

For example, if you wanted a new car, you could go to the dealership and have the salesman take a photo of you next to it. You could even take it a step further and take a photo of your hands on the wheel.  These photos are the difference between “I want a car” and “I have a car”.  You’re creating the latter, so have your photos reflect it.


3 — Make It A Practice

This. Is. What. Having. A. Vision Board. Is. All. About. Take time to be in front of it and contemplate what you see! Drink in the imagery, go to the places you see in front of you — whether that’s a physical place or at the completion of your goal. And when I say drink it in, I mean DRINK. IT. IN! Taste it, smell it, feel it! Go into the imagery and experience it! Feel the warm breeze on your skin, holding your lover’s hand, and the sand beneath your feet. Feel what it’s like to make a huge purchase without feeling like it’s made any impact on your finances or financial ability.  When you actualize the goal through this technique, you help manifest it for yourself. Knowing that the vibration brings forth the actions that bring you to your goal, imagine the difference it would make if you took this approach. What if you started your day with this practice, and then did your projects? You can also take time to review your vision board. What do you want to change? How can you further enhance the imagery? Is your vision board up to date? Make this a practice and see what kind of results you get.

Now, pick one of these three things to do with your vision board this week. Be aware of how the change inspires you, or shifts your focus.

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3 steps to getting whatever results you want using the Law of Attraction. Create better relationships, get unstuck, and make the money you deserve.

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